When was the last time you had a real bagel?

At Alexs Bagel Shop, we have committed to a half a century year old recipe passed on across land, sea, and time brought over to the US by polish refugees of the Second World War. It’s pretty simple really, the finest ingredients, no preservatives, and the determination to only use the best dough has made this bagel and icon in Western Massachusetts.
Bagel Shop Entrance-smallThe bearers of this recipe founded a bakery in the 60’s which was later renamed Kimmels Bagel Shop. In 2007 Aleksandr, the head baker of 20 years, took over the bakery with his wife Nina, who worked as a pastry chef in Russia. With the addition of some tasty ideas; Alex and Nina committed to the same great quality patrons have come to expect. The way a bagel should be; golden crunchy on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside.made this bagel an icon in Western Massachusetts.

So come down, taste for yourself what everyone is talking about. Try out an assortment 14 different bagels and 12 creamy cheeses that will have your taste buds craving for more!

Once you’ve tried it, no bagel will ever be the same.


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